Sunday, February 21, 2016

Days 8 and 9

Friday was a fairly productive day, despite a few distractions that started off my day. Breakfast was a bit rushed and I fell behind in my morning to-do list due to some internet distractions but once I got going I was on a roll. I finally followed a more decent morning routine, making all the beds, dusting, and sweeping the house. I managed to do an overhaul cleaning of our living room and scrub down of our bathroom. I even did some baking using a recipe I found in a vintage Nestle advertisement.


I also managed to get dinner on the table shortly after hubby arrived home from work. We had delicious crab salad sandwiches and some mashed sweet potatoes on the side. 

It is safe to say that both recipes will be keepers. The rest of the evening was my usual "mommy break". I spent 2 hours at my favorite thrift store digging for some treasures. I found some great dresses to help me stay inspired to dress my best (and it will feel so good knowing that I did not spend more than $1.75 on any of them). I also scored a great vintage style sleeveless blouse for 75 cents. I will have to share pictures as I get to wearing them. I came home and served my congo bars for dessert as well as a Tom Collins to thank my hubby for an evening to myself! We watched two episodes of I Love Lucy for some good hearty laughs and headed to bed. 

This morning I beat my alarm to waking up and got a breakfast served before my dad arrived to help us work on our upstairs revamp! We are creating a sewing studio up there to allow me to fully indulge in my hobby. I consider myself a very, very lucky housewife! Today the goal was to finish my built in shelving for storing my large array of fabric (I love indulging in both quilting and garment sewing so there is quite a wide variety I keep on hand). 

And finish we did! I cannot wait to start arranging some fabric on there tomorrow. It has been very difficult to be sewing out of storage bins as we have been working up there. I pretty much had the day off from chores as we then ordered a lunch in for the hard work and we had plans to go out to dinner. But before dinner while the family was distracted, I did a little bit of a sewing. Nothing fun, just some mending. But to stick with the feeling of being in the decade (and to help sew through the thicker items I needed to mend), I pulled out one of a few vintage machines I love. 

This is my Singer Slant-O-Matic, and let me just say, my old machines stitch oh so beautifully. They make the straightest stitches that just cannot be matched by my modern machine and they will sew through my thickest fabrics. I used this funky lady to reapply some jersey patches that had begun to fall off. Tomorrow I hope to use her to create an extra apron or two for this week. As my cleaning routine becomes more routine, I hope to find more free time in the day to make a few attempts at sewing myself a couple of retro inspired garments to wear as well. 

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