Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 3: Does Valentine's Day Count?

This post will be brief, as today was Valentine's Day and I am blessed with a husband who does not believe I should have to do much on this "holiday"! We ended up taking the day very easy, watching a bit of snow fall and working on a puzzle as a family. Lunch and dinner were ordered in so I really did a whole lot of nothing towards the experiment.

I did still follow my morning routine though and I got to wear a vintage styled dress that I found at the thrift store. It was a total splurge for me at $8.00 but it was so unique I just couldn't pass it up. I actually had to look up the brand on the label to see if it was real vintage or just "imitation".  I am going to count my thrifty find as being an accomplishment towards the experiment as it means I have continued to adhere to spending as little as possible to stay within budget.

I did not slack completely though. I did make dessert using some of the reserved egg yolks from yesterday's baking marathon. Despite the failed custard attempt, I decided to try my hand at crème brûlée. We sat down to dessert, took a bite and devoured every last bit! Phew!

The crème brûlée paired with a Tom Collins nightcap was the perfect way to end our Valentine's day.

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