Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 1: Is This What Morning Looks Like?

Did I ever mention that mornings and I do not get along? It's nothing personal, it's just that I am a night owl. I love burning the midnight oil, as do my kids. I tried to prepare for today by going to bed early. Early for me being at 11:30 p.m.. Of course, I proceeded to toss and turn while staring at a dark ceiling until 2 in the morning. I was already dreading the alarm that would go off in 5 hours.

We have been very lucky that my husband has recently found a job much closer to home, as he used to have a lengthy commute and would awaken at an ungodly hour. I suppose I should be grateful that I got to sleep until 7:15 today, which still left time for me to see him off.

In any case, I rolled out of bed and went straight to the bathroom where I combed my hair and applied some lipstick. Yes, lipstick before breakfast. Wait, what? Lipstick at all is shocking for me! I have only ever worn lipstick for special occasions so this in itself will be a huge adjustment for me. I then started the coffee maker (and yes, I have 2 toddlers, I am keeping a few modern conveniences in my experiment for sanity's sake) and poured our breakfast out of a box!

My husband and I actually ate a breakfast together. It was the most intimate meal we have had in 5 years, in the sense that we could talk only to each other with out anyone interrupting every 2 seconds to tell us that they don't like the food, that they need to pee, or to make fart noises. Our oldest was still happily in dream land and the youngest, though up, was too tired to be disruptive. It was actually a pretty glorious breakfast for us.

And with that, my daughter and I sent my husband off to work with a kiss. I am sure it was quite the change of pace from having to kiss my comatose cheek goodbye. I was very much a modern woman living the hours of a college student. As much as I'd like to go crawling back to bed now, I should probably go make the bed instead so I can start my new cleaning routine.

Things I noted through out day 1:

*Showering with two toddlers running around is about as relaxing as trying to nap with heavy metal blasting.
*No amount of mascara can distract from extremely blood shot eyes.
*Speaking of make-up, dressing nicely and putting on my make-up did make me feel whole again. It was nice to take some time to put some energy into myself. I think I actually held my head up higher.
*Scrubbing the grout in the shower truly does suck. Now I remember why I tend to neglect doing that but wow, the bathroom actually looks brighter. Was the grout really white to begin with . . . I don't remember that.

Side note: I was so exhausted by the change in schedule that I really failed to be much of a success aside from some cleaning in the bathroom, grocery shopping and our dinner. A dinner that was found in a 1954 Wesson advertisement.

The only part of this dinner that involved more than cutting and slicing (the dressing) was not so good. In fact, it tasted just like Wesson! No real taste at all. We busted into our stash of Kraft dressings after the initial tasting. But dinner was surprisingly good after that and we have decided to keep the idea to rotate in on Fridays!

And my hubby discovered he really likes Gin Martinis!

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