Sunday, February 14, 2016

Day 2: Already Slacking

Today was not the prime of my housekeeping days. Waking up today was much easier, though it helped that it was a Saturday and I got to sleep in a bit. I got up at 9:15 and followed my new routine. Into the bathroom, hair brushed and lipstick on. I bounced straight to the kitchen where I got some coffee brewing and french toast with hash browns cooking.

The kids woke up early on their own today and were thrilled to eat a good breakfast. Though my son threw a bit of a fit over having to try sparkling fresh squeezed orange juice. Let me say that again, my son was crying about having to drink fresh-squeezed juice. He cried for his processed apple juice. One day I will remind him of this tid-bit. But it was so wonderful to all sit and start our day together.

And then, I failed on house-keeping. I got up and left the house, the kids and the dishes for the day. It started off innocently enough. I just wanted to unload the pile of donations that we had prepared as we clean out and attempt to live a little more simply here. But, when my mother and I go out we get trapped in some strange time warp . . . EVERY time! I don't know where 4 hours went but I got home much later than I wanted to. So cleaning did not happen again.

But I got back on schedule and started to bake a practice cake for a shower that my mother and I are throwing in a few months. Easy right? And not really 1950's related aside from perhaps the do-it-yourself aspect. But after separating egg whites for the cake batter, I looked down at the yolks that I was about to just toss (yes, modern me would have tossed them). Ugh, just admitting my wastefulness on the internet is making me blush a bit. But thinking of the few things I have gotten to read up to this point about the era, I knew a 50's housewife would have used every bit of that egg. In fact, now that I think of it, perhaps I should have saved those egg shells and seen what I could do with those as well. I will improve with time, I swear. In any case, as my cake baked I started looking up recipes to use with the egg yolks. Once the cake was out and cooling, I had some egg custard baking away in the oven.

In the end I spent 8 hours working on the practice cake. Nothing really exciting there, especially since I cannot even share the pictures of it. Just a picture of my practice fondant flower.

It turned out beautifully but it is going to be a surprise for the shower. Thank you to a modern convenience that I refuse to give up for the experiment, I was able to still have a dinner on the table amongst all the baking. I love you, Crock Pot! It wasn't an old fashioned meal, but a good housewife would use up all she had without wasting. So it was pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw and roasted potato wedges The potatoes were my substitute for french fries since I am going to try not to buy prepared foods for the experiment, aside from snacks and such for the kids (baby steps here . . . I am not that good of a housewife)!

Putting the fondant on the cake took much longer than I had hoped (I did make the fondant from scratch though)! We ended up not having much of a night since I finished the cake just before 11:30 and needed to get to bed. But we had just enough time for a night cap. Hubby greatly enjoyed a Gin Rickey and I have found a new drink of choice, a Cuba Libre.

We dipped into our fresh egg custard and quickly dumped the remaining bit in the garbage.

I somehow managed to screw up the custard and had a chunky yet milky mixture that just left us gagging. I froze the remaining egg yolks from the cake so I will try again another time.

There certainly was no problem falling asleep after all the baking though!

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