Monday, February 22, 2016

Days 10 & 11: Finding a Routine

I wish I had something brilliant to share about day 10, however, I must admit that day 10 did not even feel as though it was a part of my experiment. Aside from waking up and making our breakfast, it was a very busy Sunday that found us spending most of our day away from the house. And once we were home I was pre-occupied with getting my fabric set up on the new built-in shelving unit. 

But I can say that my body seems to be falling into a routine. I did not even set an alarm for Sunday and yet I still found myself awake and shuffling to the kitchen before the rest of the household. Today seemed to secure the routine the housework may follow as I found myself repeating last Monday's tasks but at a much faster rate. Thanks to last weeks very thorough scrub down of the kitchen, I was able to complete cleaning the oven (inside and out), cleaning the counters and cabinet doors, and sweeping and mopping the floors within 2 hours. I was also able to manage all the laundry during the day as well. The upkeep of the kitchen has been most worth while, as I find myself feeling happy and relaxed in the room. I suddenly don't mind cooking or dish duty! It is also amazing to finally feel as though our space is working for us. I used to think we did not have enough counter space or cabinet space. But by simplifying what we keep and better utilizing how I store it, my kitchen seems to be more than enough for us. 

Dinner was also hitting the table shortly after hubby got home. Tonight I served up some stuffed cabbage with mashed potatoes and extra cabbage leaves on the side. 

After dinner, I scrubbed down the dirty dishes and headed upstairs to finish the set up of the new shelving unit for my future sewing room. Now I can access all my fabric without digging through bins in our storage room. Perhaps it will inspire me to finally get some projects done during any free time that I might find. 

Unfortunately, I have yet to find the time to sew anything since starting the experiment. That has been the biggest down side of the experiment. But I am still hopeful that as the housework becomes a bit easier to complete with constant upkeep that I will find more free time during the day for reading or sewing. It has also been extremely challenging the last 4 or 5 days as my youngest has been experiencing a bit of the terrible twos. There has been a lot of cleaning while holding 30 pounds on my hip which has led to some very terrible back pains. Hoping that this too will ease up in the next few days. 

On the bright side, though too drained to come up with witty things to write as I report my daily experiences, I am sleeping like a rock (a very unusual thing for this momma who used to stare at a ceiling until 3 in the morning). It is quite a good feeling to have your eyes heavy the moment your head hits the pillow and to not wake randomly through out the night. Speaking of heavy eyes . . . I am off to rest up.

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