Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 7: How Did They Do It All?!

Well it has been another red letter day for this chica. I got through the breakfast and then things came to a stand still. I know it is because I broke my new routine and took the computer out to take care of emails before evening. I have been trying so hard to keep from spending my days on devices. I completely gave up Facebook and I have been doing a quick check of emails in the morning and a more solid chunk of email time in the evening. Starting off on a bad foot made it hard to climb up out of the hole I had dug myself.

Suddenly it took me forever to get ready for the day. How is it possible to have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. I still managed to put my face on before rushing out to the grocery store but it left me having to do my hair in the afternoon. It also meant that I only briefly got to catch up with the hubby as I caught only the last 5 minutes of his lunch break. I gave myself and the kids a late lunch and then I dug an even deeper hole by checking out pinterest for apron inspiration. What was I thinking?

Okay, I know what I was thinking. I have been wearing an apron all day during the cleaning and cooking and, well, not only are my two aprons getting a bit beat up but, now it seems like a great way to accessorize. And I am really missing my time at the sewing machine. I am on day 7 and I have yet to finish my work in time for dinner and that means I have not gotten any sewing time. I am seriously hoping that next week will go better now that the house has experienced a cleaning overhaul. We shall see.

This left me with only 2 and a half hours until dinner. Luckily, dinner was another leftover. The salisbury steak my hubby loved had enough left for another dinner and lunch so I figured I would serve it up tonight since I was already in the hole. I quickly stripped all the beds in the house and got the sheets going in the wash. I then cleaned the mattresses with baking soda and a solid vacuuming. And then I forgot that I do not possess super woman strength and I began attempting to turn our king mattress. Oh boy. That one must have been quite the sight for my kids to behold. I must say, my bed cleaning routine definitely kept them entertained as they sat happily on a cloud of pillows on my bedroom floor.

While the quilts were being washed I raced to straighten the aftermath of the tornado that ripped through my living room, also known as my kids' daily play routine. I vacuumed the rug, swept the floors and got dinner into the oven to reheat right as my hubby was walking in the door. Ugh. Another day of an incomplete house. After dinner I was finally able to put beds back together. This means I have only just started to relax for the night, though it is now time to serve a dessert . . . banana splits anyone?

But, I do look forward to some free time this weekend to dive into some books from the library.

Yes, I am cuddling my pup and her long nose photobombed the pic!

I hope these books will help me have a better feel for the times and what women were going through. And seriously, how did they do it all? I am really hoping one book in particular will be helpful . . .

I only got to read 5 pages so far but I must admit . . . I totally judged this book by it's cover and expected a boring book of how to upkeep your home. But I was delightfully surprised by the writer's humor and my interest in the content. I am looking forward to getting further into this one. Maybe she will help me find some more time for sewing. Haha. While not written in the '50s, the book was published in '61 when the author was in her forties, so I have to believe that the book will have some relevant content pertaining to the '50s lifestyle. 

And finally, two books with some apron sewing projects in them. Have I mentioned lately how much I love to sew. You will hear about it more on Saturday as I complain about how much of a mess our house becomes as we continue to work on building a sewing room on our second floor! I am only going to assume that a '50s housewife may have been willing to kill for a dedicated sewing room . . .

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