Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Red Rockabilly Dress

I am actually keeping up with my sewing 2 garments a month so far. I cannot believe it. And it has been a great boost to the sewing confidence. I have had a few mishaps . . . like this poor jumpsuit.

Don't get me wrong, everything sewed up beautifully. It looks just plain gorgeous. If only I could get it on. I somehow cut or sewed the legs wrong. What a devastating experience that was. For that weekend I put my sewing machine on the shelf and said, I was done. But after a great Monday night (can you believe that, a good Monday?) I was feeling like myself again and decided to get right back to work. 

So I began a little red rockabilly dress using Simplicity's 8051. 

Yeah, I did not get too creative with the fabric choice. What can I say . . . I absolutely loved the pattern cover's dress and I already had enough of the red and white polka dot fabric on hand! It's like it was meant to be.

This was a surprisingly quick sew. I find working with cotton usually helps . . . slippery fabrics always require a lot more pinning. And I think I am in love with the finished dress. I ended up purchasing a crinoline/petticoat on ebay to help boost the 50's flare on this dress. 

I just love a dress with a full circle skirt!

But the back of this dress is what thrills me the most. I love unexpected touches and I think the peek-a-boo back is not what you would expect to see when this dress is walking away from you!

Oh, and those buttons . . . of course from my vintage button stash . . . along with the zipper which was appropriately titled as atomic red! 

This dress gave me my sew-jo back. In fact, the very next day I took a store bought convertible dress and re-created it using some knit fabric from my stash.

It ended up being a great week for sewing over here. Let's hope I can keep up this pace!