Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Hunt For Vintage: Some Lucky Finds

A few weekends ago I got to spend a day hunting for vintage treasure. I love the rare weekend where I am able to spend my day digging for treasures at unique estate sales and thrift stores. I was lucky enough to enter an estate sale that seemed to be a time capsule. It was like stepping into a department store in the 60's/70's. Everything was brand new with tags and there were clothes everywhere! There were items from every decade too! It actually was almost too overwhelming, especially when trying to be thrifty. So here are the goodies that followed me home.

The very first thing I grabbed. I just had to have this hat. It is just too beautiful and will be a wonderful statement piece next winter!

Unfortunately, there is no brand tag inside and no way for me to figure out when this might be from. The hats were one of the few used items that were at this sale.

Pretty sure this dress is from the 70's from what I can tell. 

A simple but cute dress. I just love the details on the belt. 

This is an Anjac dress by Marc Needleman.

Still unworn and bought at Lord & Taylor.

I wasn't totally in love with this one but I bought it in order to get a lower price on all of the items (the more you bought, the more they were willing to take off on prices). But I do like the polka dots and with a good petticoat/crinoline it might look more vintage.

Pretty sure this Taurus II Petite dress is from the 80's, it definitely has an 80's waistline.

The final items I couldn't get enough of looking through were the collection of aprons in the house. There were so many beautiful hostess aprons. It took a lot of restraint to not scoop up a ton but I settled for just 2!

This was definitely one of my better thrift days. I also ended up purchasing a pair of pajamas, and some vintage lace for sewing but I did not photograph those items. I am hopeful that there will be more vintage finds in my future!

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