Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hitting the Jackpot

I had an unbelievably lucky weekend when it came to scoring some great vintage finds. It was almost one of those weekends where I had to believe that I kept ending up in just the right places at just the right time. After all, I would take amazing vintage finds at these prices over winning a lottery jackpot any day! I only had time to stop at 3 estate sales and a Goodwill, but it was more than enough time to find some forgotten treasures.

The first estate sale was actually fairly picked over as it was their last day and items were an extra 50% off. But I was absolutely thrilled as I dug through a closet of mostly 80s sweaters and discovered these two hidden treasures.

An original 1950's petticoat by Hoops My Dear! It is a beautiful pale blue with white lace in the middle. 

It has definitely seen a lot of wear and tear in it's over 60 years. There is some sticker residue on one hip and torn binding on the crinoline. I will have to get creative in repairing the torn areas. But I hope to focus my attention on repairing these once I catch up on a few projects in progress.

The stitching also shows signs of it's age. 

Next is a luxuriously soft petticoat in a pale pink by Charmode.

This one was also needing some special attention with tears in the seams, as well as some runs in the fabric itself. Hopefully I will be able to find a creative way to fix up the fabric.

I cannot wait to fix these up so I can use them as foundation pieces under the dresses I hope to actually make this year. 

Finding these 2 almost made me regret purchasing one a month ago at the vintage shop for over 4 times the price of these 2 combined.

Though this unique slip will be absolutely wonderful under a wiggle dress or pencil skirt! 

The estate sale also had just a few hats left that hadn't been scooped up. I absolutely had to get this pill box hat!

It was made by Junia Hats for Carson Pirie Scott. I am guessing it was made late 50's/early 60's. 

The body was made in Italy and there is a gold label in the hat that says Brigitte. Could this be named after the beautiful Brigitte Bardot?! 

Another hat that I will definitely be using come fall/winter!

From this estate sale we headed to the same estate sale from before. Apparently this woman had had storage lockers full of goodies (in fact, there will be one more estate sale at the same house again this month with even more things added)! But this visit had them offering everything at 75% off to make room for the next batch. I am so kicking myself for not picking up a few more things. 

My questionable find from there was a simple white dress, still brand new from Loehman's in 1981. 

So what is so questionable about it? Horrible age spots (I hope). The belt was very yellowed and upon trying to clean it up it began developing some immediate rust. So that has already been tossed. Let's hope the dress fares much better.

And of course, you need some summer gloves for with a summer dress! Just look at these drool worthy pleats!!!!

But, my absolute favorite find from this house was a housecoat! My mother was quite surprised at my attachment to this find but I just couldn't leave it there. 

There was something wonderful about the deep reds and the cute ruffles around the sleeves and collar.

And of course, it was brand new! I am not sure the date but I can say that it was $14.95 and the price tags were sewn in.

This will just be so cozy on those super chilly winter nights. 

Between the 3 estate sales I also managed to pick up quite a few miscellaneous vintage sewing goodies. 

I have not had the luck of finding any vintage patterns as those seem to be scooped up by re-sellers almost immediately. So I was pretty pleased to find some I could sew up. 

A Merry Hull Pattern

Simplicity 1366

And how do you like the disclaimer?!

Simplicity 3777

Butterick 4262

Simplicity 4520

Not vintage but a beautiful Victoria Jones Collection Pattern - 309

A Modern Miss - missing it's cover but just as fun to look through!

A McCall's Easy Sewing Book from 1958 

A nice collection of vintage trims and notions! 

But my favorite of the sewing finds, two things I have actually been looking to buy new. A chalk skirt marker and a tailor board! I will be one very happy sewer now! 

Well that was a lot to share. It is rare that I have such great finds all in one trip out but I sure do love the times that this happens! Now to make some time to repair those petticoats and sew up some of these wonderful patterns . . . 

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