Monday, April 11, 2016

Ooh La La: Some Retro Sewing

I have finally gotten back to sewing and decided to tackle a project that I had started during the 50's housewife experiment. No, it is not the dress that I should be finally finishing. Instead it is a waist cincher to be worn under the dress, and most vintage dresses that accentuate the waist. Unfortunately, I did not have a pattern for a waist cincher and I did not really want a pattern for a girdle either. So instead, I took Simplicity's 1183 (a corset pattern) and got to work adjusting the pattern.

Once I had the pattern pieced on the form I chopped where I wanted to adjust and then proceeded to make a muslin sample. Unfortunately, work on the sample was done during my 3 weeks of feeling miserable so I never did get a picture but I made a few more adjustments and then got to work with the real fabric. 

This project was my first under garment project and seemed a little bit daunting when I got to using the spiral steel boning and some of hubby's tools. But to be honest, it also made this project so much more fun!

It also came together pretty quickly once I started with the fabric. I figured I spent about 12 hours on it, start to finish, including the hand sewing of the binding.

The final product is beautiful and fits like a glove, just as it should!

I just need to find some cream ribbon for the lacing.

This dress form closes the corset too tightly but when on there is a nice 1" inch gap between both sides on the back.

The best part of sewing your own garments is the fun little touches you get to add to each piece. One of my favorites is making the inside, just as pretty as the outside. While the outside of this garment is covered in a beautiful nude satin covered in delicate lace the inside is bright and playful!

I think another one of these will definitely be made in the near future! And I am definitely going to need to attempt some other under garments as well.


  1. It is so nice! You have a lovely blog. I love vintage.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! It is always wonderful to meet another vintage enthusiast! :)