Monday, March 14, 2016

Days 26-31: The Lost Week

It is no exaggeration, this was the week that wasn't. It was terribly depressing to sit down tonight and realize that an entire week has passed by with nothing going on, but that is exactly what happens when you and your children are brought down by a very snotty virus. Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst for my youngest, while myself and my oldest crashed hard Thursday through Saturday. This meant very little got done through out the week aside from top cleaning. I carried on with the top cleaning and weekly grocery shopping but Friday found me unable to leave the couch. Despite this, I did follow the one thing I knew I probably should . . . I got dressed and put on a bit of makeup. I must admit, it did at least help make me feel a bit less disgusting. I knew that I, at least, wouldn't die of embarrassment should a neighbor ring the bell. I also insisted on still cooking every night. I figured it was important that our family at least still be eating healthy, home-cooked food.

Tuesday night I whipped up some Pork Chops Supreme, some lemon buttered potatoes and sauteed mushrooms. All three were recipes from the 1956 Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book. So far that cook book has been the best $1.49 I have spent at a thrift store!

Wednesday I managed to roast a whole chicken and just whipped up some glazed carrots and sweet corn to accompany it. Again, I followed the recipe for roasting a chicken in my new, yet old, cookbook.

Thursday I cooked up some old-fashioned patty melts with some roasted potato wedges. This recipe will be another definite keeper.

Friday I made baked tilapia covered in lemon butter sauce. On the sides were reheated lemon butter potatoes, as well as the leftover glazed carrots and the sweet corn. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are being much more careful about being sure to use up all of our leftovers.

Despite still being sick, I hosted a dinner for my brothers on Saturday but in the hustle of the dinner, I forgot to take any photos. But I once again made spaghetti and meatballs, and a cheesecake for dessert. Today the kids seemed to relapse so our day was far from glamorous or relaxing. We just tried to get by. In fact, due to caring for and calming them down, my husband and I did not even sit down to eat until nearly 10 o'clock. But I still made sure to offer a decent Sunday feast of Texas Barbecued Ribs and baked potato. For the salad I used leftover veggies from a veggie tray I had out as an appetizer the night before. 

I am looking forward to starting a new week tomorrow. I hope to get back on track with the experiment and to get back to some of my projects . . . like the dress I started not too long ago. And if the kids are a little more independent this week I can collect some of my thoughts on how the experiment is affecting our family!

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