Monday, March 7, 2016

Days 24 & 25: One Handed Cleaning

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day for us. After breakfast we worked on painting our upstairs as part of the remodeling project. That took about our entire day. But late in the afternoon I got to work on a spaghetti and meatball recipe from the Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book that I had thrifted last weekend.

I am going to be honest, I really wasn't expecting much from this meal. But we were all blown away! 

The recipe will definitely be a keeper, in fact, I will be making it again on Saturday for a little dinner party we will be hosting. Let's hope it will turn out just as good the second time around!

I also attempted a Mississippi Mud Pie for dessert.

But, let's just say, you can't win them all.

Luckily, we were all so stuffed from the dinner we didn't mind missing out on dessert.

Unfortunately, the night went as well as the mud pie. My poor little girl was up all night coughing and crying. We were on our way to the rock bottom point of this cold and we hit it as the alarm went off this morning. I think I spent about 6 hours holding my daughter while hubby was at work. I would have done anything to take her pain away today. Somehow I managed to top clean while holding her and during her 1 good hour today, I scrubbed the oven. I also managed to wash the germs out of all of our bedding. To be honest, the day is now a blur and I am still not sure how we got through. 

Thank goodness for my hubby's grandmother's chicken soup! She always keeps a frozen container filled for me. It was perfect for this hectic and miserable day. 

I wish I was feeling more inspired to write something exciting and interesting about the experiment but I am holding one boogery coughing baby while my husband is aiding my oldest as he gets sick in our bathroom. I wouldn't hold your breath for any exciting revelations about this experiment this week. 

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